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Many governments are losing revenue in the millions each year to illicit trade of tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical products. To recover lost tax revenue, it is essential to secure the supply chain. Once products are manufactured in one country and cross international borders to be consumed in another country, the opportunities for revenue evasion are considerable.

Authentix offers three security technologies designed to better protect the supply chain. Each technology offers the government solutions to prevent harmful counterfeit products from entering the market.

Our stamps are integrated with a track and trace solution that enables online and offline verification and supply chain monitoring. Our tax stamps feature a complex, layered security design with up to 25 different security features including multi-factor authentication.



High security tax stamps offer you and your customer the following:
  • Track and trace is designed to monitor the secure movement of goods throughout the supply chain. Governments can meet their obligations under the WHO FCTC Protocol on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.
  • Verification of the stated volume of products manufactured to establish the excise tax due.
  • Authentication is achieved using over 30 covert and overt identifiers on each individual stamp to help consumers and government inspectors determine genuine products from counterfeits.

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COVID-19 Policy Statement

At Security Print Solutions, our commitment is first and foremost to the health and safety of all our employees. Business continuity plans are in place for our manufacturing facility, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees during the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. Measures are in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus, which are being constantly reviewed. Processes are adapted where required based on emerging media, governmental restrictions and WHO guidance. Result of the Governmental restrictions may be a limited availability of transportation during this time.

The teams and manufacturing facility are business critical in providing security print services to our government and primary health care customers. We continue to focus on our customer needs during the challenges presented by the COVID-19 health emergency. Where possible our staff have been asked to work from home, and we have enforced limited access to our manufacturing facility. We ask all customers, vendors or suppliers support these efforts and anyone presenting themselves at SPS must adhere to our extra policies and procedures during this difficult time.

We would like to say thank you to all our suppliers for working hard to respond to our increased demands to ensure we have the materials required to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. we will do our utmost to maintain the usual high standards of customer service, product supply, delivery and support.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your point of contact.

David Clough
Director, Commercial