COVID-19 Policy Statement

Protecting your revenue.
Preserving your brand.

We specialize in designing and producing global security print services to help
companies and governments eliminate losses from fraud and counterfeiting.


by Industry

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    Commercial Products

    As a brand owner, learn how to mitigate risks of counterfeit products with the right security features.

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    Our unique secure printing techniques help different governing bodies around the world protect citizens’ sensitive documents and tax revenue for community programs.

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    We produce secure certificates for the main examination boards, universities and many leading institutions. Learn how to ensure authenticity and integrity of your certificates.

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    Cheques are a highly important element in the payment landscape. Learn more about how banks are preventing fraud or illicit reproduction of cheques.

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    Gift vouchers have been a long-time marketing tactic for many retailers to promote their business, generate revenue and positive PR. Protect your business.


  • Micronumismatics

    Protect the “infill” from fraudulent alterations with this original security technique requiring banknote software graphics and a high level of knowledge.

  • Stealth Security Print

    A patent protected covert security feature with invisible black IR ink. Use a proprietary reader to reveal hidden text or numbering sequence.

  • Fluorescent Holograms

    Deter or prevent hologram replication with our patent protected security graphics printed in register and simultaneously on paper and hologram substrates with a number of invisible UV security inks.

  • One-Pass Production

    Learn about the only efficient process to print multiple unique overt and covert security features with a single setup and production run so you can produce affordable high specification products.

  • Secure Design

    Highly skilled designers producing complex artwork used in conjunction with our unique production methods for customised product security solutions.

  • 40 Years

    securing documents and products with high-security features

  • Billions

    of documents printed around the world

  • Several Patents

    to ensure unique high-security print production

  • Innovative

    printing approach enabling customised documents specific to our customers' needs

Why Authentix Security Print Solutions?


We wrote the key standards for design for secure cheques and other products. Our design philosophy includes:

    • Personalisation to complement customer’s brand values
    • Layered security measures
    • Integration of security design with track and trace technologies
    • Maximise use of non-visible security design measures
    • A high-quality look and feel to every document

Print innovations, holograms, security printing and track and trace systems are manufactured in a ‘one-pass production’ process we invented that is completely unique in the industry. This production methodology produces high volumes in shorter production cycles and produce complete, high-specification documents at cost effective prices.


Select one or several of our overt (visible) or covert (invisible) security features to meet your level of security needs.

    • Watermarked Paper
    • Microtext
    • Custom Numismatic Fugitive Design
    • Audit Numbers
    • Holograms
    • Digital Codes
    • Complex Multi-color UV Designs
    • Complex UV Overprint on holograms

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COVID-19 Policy Statement

At Security Print Solutions, our commitment is first and foremost to the health and safety of all our employees. Business continuity plans are in place for our manufacturing facility, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees during the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. Measures are in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus, which are being constantly reviewed. Processes are adapted where required based on emerging media, governmental restrictions and WHO guidance. Result of the Governmental restrictions may be a limited availability of transportation during this time.

The teams and manufacturing facility are business critical in providing security print services to our government and primary health care customers. We continue to focus on our customer needs during the challenges presented by the COVID-19 health emergency. Where possible our staff have been asked to work from home, and we have enforced limited access to our manufacturing facility. We ask all customers, vendors or suppliers support these efforts and anyone presenting themselves at SPS must adhere to our extra policies and procedures during this difficult time.

We would like to say thank you to all our suppliers for working hard to respond to our increased demands to ensure we have the materials required to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. we will do our utmost to maintain the usual high standards of customer service, product supply, delivery and support.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your point of contact.

David Clough
Director, Commercial